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Sep 4, 2009 7:00pm EDT
it's orioles baseball, the birds take to texas rangers the opening game of the 3 game weekend series. hi i'm jim hunter, the orioles after their first day off in 3 weeks yesterday are back at it tonight and in a challenges part of the schedule as the rangers in town the begin a 3 game series. the orioles are in a stretch they have played anchor sective game, anchor secondist games. the texas on the road the boston and new york. buck, when you look at what the orioles are against, it's bond the -- beyond the point of figuring out your way. for the younger players on the team, when you look in the dugout that's what they want to be like. this team won 5 games last september. the core wants the turn it around. the rangers have done that, the goal of the orioles is to do the same thing. shore up the defense. >> jim: the young pitching is on display, the youngest of the orioles pitch, chris tillman, he has the bulldog mentality. he's looking at this like it's me against them. >> you have to match up. you're not going to yield to rangers, tillman has been making progress with each start. h
Aug 31, 2009 11:00pm EDT
magazine. >>> coming up, texas gubernatorial candidate publicly proclaims his hatred for the united states of america. he said it into a microphone on the steps of the state capitol. and governor perry's texas, this is a sort of reasonable strategy for trying to win an election there now. yes, yes. we've got the tape. hold on just a second. i cannot be one of the 61 million americans who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy automatically refills my prescriptions and reminds me to pick them up. you mean, reminds me to pick them up. [ chuckles ] stop by your local cvs pharmacy to ask if readyfill is right for you, and get a $25 coupon book. readyfill, only at cvs pharmacy. - oh, come on. - enough! you get half and you get half. ( chirp ) team three, boathouse? ( chirp ) oh yeah-- his and hers. - ( crowd gasping ) - ( chirp ) van gogh? ( chirp ) even steven. - ( chirp ) mansion. - ( chirp ) good to go. ( grunts ) timber! ( chirp ) boss? what do we do with the shih-tzu? - ( crowd gasps ) - ( chirp ) joint custody. - phew! - announcer: get work done now. commun
FOX News
Sep 12, 2009 2:30pm EDT
, for what they believe in. fear is the -- about to be a think of the past i believe. ft. worth, texas has a rally, there are attendees there now, winona and haskill have been braving the rain, hello, guides, how are you. >> fine, thank you. >> now there you are, in wet t-shirts and why are you -- really, honestly not the wet t-shirt... anyway... what is it that brought you out today? >> what brought me out was i want toal the the washington politicians that they need to govern for the people and not for the special interest groups and take back america and that is the reason i'm here today. >> what was the final straw for you guys? do you do that all the time? was there something that you said -- >> no! >> this is outside of my comfort zone but i can't take it anymore? >> that's exactly right. because i'm 73 years old and i listen to you every day and i wanted to do something, and this is the -- i felt like something i could do and even though it is raining and whatever, i like to play in the rain, for this reason! >> and haskell, what was it for you that was the last straw? >> well, my m
Sep 4, 2009 8:00pm EDT
as murphy replaced byrd at first. he's cruz. murphy chased back.   >> jim: texas is third in the american league in stolen bases. that's another aspect of their games that changed under ron washington. they no longer sit back, even though they can hit the home run. they don't wait for home run. >> buck: it took a while to convince the players that was a style that would lead them to winning. now they are 3 1/2 games behind the angels for the division lead in the west. >> when he came over from oakland he was a good 3rd base coach and terrific infield instruct we're the a's. and he was trying to emphasize fundamentals that all they knew how to do was hit. you will understand the value of timely hitting. now they get it. >> jim: 0-2 on cruz. to have give him credit. there was a time when it look like his job might be in jeep die. instead of conforming he said this is how we play under me. you will get it or i'm going to be gone. to his credit he's here and they are getting it. 0-2 on cruz. >> buck: wildcard race more of a challenge for texas they are trying to track down t
Sep 12, 2009 3:15pm EDT
outposts in texas, new mexico, chihauh walk, sonora in california who lost any sense of identification with new york, with mexico city, and in fact during the federalist rebellions of the 1830's all of them rebuild and declared indendence. california and mexico and texas got away with it, so keep that geography in mind and the people who really made the difference. they were here before either of the spanish or the endless. i thought what i would do is read a little, talk a little, read a little and leave time for questions. so, i will open with a prologue. the last of the mohicans entered the great valley in the 14th century far from their homeland, the place of crain's also rendered. they been told to march off by their chief god, humngbird wizard. they were 830 savage blood-thirsty people with a bad habit of stealing women and and sacrificing humaville sill. they introduced into the valley a new weapon, the bow and arrow burke u.s. allies as neighbors there were frightening and dangerous. they call themselves people of the sun. they were falconer sm there were eagle flew over them.
Aug 31, 2009 9:00pm EDT
. >>> coming up, texas gubernatorial candidate publicly proclaims his hatred for the united states of america. he said it into a microphone on the steps of the state capitol. governor ric rick perry. this is a sort of reasonable strategy for trying to win an election there now. yes, yes. we have the tape. hold on just a second. (announcer) regular kool-aid. goes almost three times further than soda. kool aid. delivering more smiles per gallon. but those days came and went, and the cigarettes remained. but today's a new day. and a few simple steps can make a real difference in your next quit... things like starting with a plan to quit smoking... getting support... and talking to your doctor about how prescription treatments can help you. talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options. and make this time, your time. [ announcer ] you make healthy choices every day-- talk to your doctor about prescription treatmeoh, max!ns. and you want to do the same for your laughable, lovable dog. [ barks ] that's why purina fit & trim is specially formulated... with high-quality protein, including
Sep 30, 2009 7:00pm EDT
washington to go home and run for the texas state house and finally, john boehner takes on president obama over the copenhagen chicago olympic trip. fasten your seat belt. the "kudlow report" begins right now. >> breaking news about b of aceo's ken lewis's unexpected early departure. let us goe right to charlie gasparino, author of "the sellout with the breaking details on ken lewis. ken lewis, seemed real much earlier, charlie. what's your take? >> you know, last week, larry, i reported that they were making prerations for his exit, if he should be charged in one of these probes into his, whether he failed for the bonuses. did he disclose the $4 billion in bonuses that would happen to go to merrill lynch. whether he disclosed that br before or after the shareholder vote. so, you know, we knew that, you know, this was kind of on the drawing board to a certain extent. and that basically what i was hearing from b of a at the time is if he gets charged by the attorney general that he wasn't going to resign. but if he got charged or could get charged by the sec, that he would probably have to
FOX News
Sep 19, 2009 3:00pm EDT
hear, robert smith on his soap box. >>> meanwhile, let's check in with number four alabama. north texas is the opponent this afternoon. nick saban fired up, and why not? later in the first quarter alabama up 7-0. greg mcelroy the play-action fake here. fires down deep downfield to marquis mayes. >> one of the north texas defensive lineman is trying to rush and he just gave up and laid down. >> i don't blame him. >> mcelroy dumps out a pass to mark ingram. he will move, jive. >> the jive ihear you. >> a whole lot more of where that came from. >> mcelroy is sharp. >> north texas hoping to get this one away i'm assuming. under five points to play in the fourth quarter. >> when you are playing in virginia tech you are able to play north texas a couple of weeks later. >> rule book. >> would you quit knocking north tex texas, what's wrong with you. >> talking about quitting. >> so nice see joepa back on the sidelines this year. darrell clark uses the play-action fake. finds, who is that, mickey schuler in the end zone and the nittany lions strike first. clark, again, his intended target this
Sep 24, 2009 12:00pm EDT
-car accident involving a military humvee in central texas. this is the aftermath of the accident on interstate 35 wednesday. the humvee was traveling southbound when it somehow went airborne and crossed into the center barrier, crashing into oncoming traffic. it caused a chain reaction, involving six vehicles. it shut down traffic in both directions for about three hours. >>> in miami, a special needs teacher has been found guilty of abuse after being accused of putting hot sauce in an autistic student's soda. she was found guilty after prosecutors found she placed the boy's drink to "teach the student a lesson." she says she is innocent. her attorney says that she is a strict but dedicated teacher. she faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail. >>> and a which a judge will face charges in a court room. -- an ohio judge will face tough does in a corporate video has been taken that suggest he was driving under the influence. he was stopped late friday night's near the city of eaton. troopers say that the judge was driving erratically and the report they could smell alcohol and that he had
Sep 13, 2009 10:00pm EDT
pressure from comanche's eecially. leaving isolated outposts in texas and mexico anyone who lost since the identification with mexico city. and in fact during the rellion of the 1830's all of them rebuild a declared independence. california and new mexico down to california got away with it. keep that geography in mind, and the people who really made the difference. they were here either before the spanish or the english. i tal about what i will dis rad a little, talk a little, read a little and then leave time for questions. so, i will open wi a prologue. the last of the mexican and batres entered the valley in the 14th century farrom their homeland the place of cranes. they had been marched off by the teach god, the hummingbird wilshire. they were a dirty, savage, bloodthirsty people with a bad habit of stealing away and and sacrificing humans wholesale. the introduced into the volley in the weapon, the bow and arrow. as all eyes on the battlefield the mexico were in value as neighbors the or frightening, dangerous. they called themselves people of theun. the eagles ew over them whic
Sep 2, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. he slapped the woman's child. >>> he is the governor of texas. a frenzied talk of recession for political gain. what gives with rick perry? >> i have to say i'm pretty depressed about it. >>> when you're so poor you've got nothing left to sell, what do you do? you sell your kidney. this is a cnn exclusive report that will shock you. we'll tell you who's busted. >>> we know him as the man who found his family dead and called police. >> my whole family's dead! >> but why was he hiding a shotgun from police? your national conversation on what continues to be a fiery california on wednesday. september 2, 2009 starts right now. >>> welcome back, i'm rick sanchez here in the world headquarters of cnn. 13 minutes after the hour. what would you do, seriously, what would you do to get a kid to stop crying? you've been in this situation, we all have, sometimes it's been our own kids. i'll bet it's not what this man did. let me set the scene for you, it's a walmart store in metro atlanta, a mom and her cranky 2-year-old. robert stevens appears and he's angry about the screaming baby, a
Sep 12, 2009 7:00am EDT
the creek. >> cars were floating. you heard right. heavy rains slammed texas in the last couple of days and now people there are being evacuated as flood waters rise. >>> two light beams in the new york sky symbolizing the two towers that crumbled on 9/11. the nation marks the eighth anniversary of the attacks and pledges never to forget them. >>> police arrested a sex offender who was armed and roaming a campus posing as an officer. it took a quick-thinking parent to expose the danger. >>> it is saturday, september 12. you're watching hln. so glad you're with us. i'm susan hendricks. the governor of texas is sending state and national guard troops to help communities getting pounded by storms. several inches of rain have fallen already in the area. people outside of the austin area had to be evacuated when flood waters got to be too much. >> it started raining and hailing. and all of a sudden, mud started flowing through the -- through the area over there. and our cars started floating. >> cars were literally floating. forecasters expect plenty of rain to reach the rest of texas over t
Sep 1, 2009 1:00am EDT
in texas holding a rally with a gubernatorial candidate saying they know it might mean a bloody war. lin jenkins. the kansas lawmaker let this fly at a recent town hall meeting. >> to find the great white hope. and i suggest to any of you that are concerned about that that are republicans, there are great young republican minds in washington. >> great white republican hopes. she offered a sue doe apology. she did not know what great white hope meant or it held negative connotations. less than a month earlier she supported a house resolution to pardon posthumously the first heavyweight champ jack johnson for acts under theman act. it read in part, whereas the victo jack johnson over the tommy burns prompted the search for the great white hope. her new excuse, no, she did not read the specific resolution. >>> you may recall wally herger of california's second district and his response to this man. >> i want to say i'm a proud right wing terrorist. >> amen, god bless you. there's the great american. >> the so-called great american now said i meant to say extremist. i was defending my right
Sep 13, 2009 6:00pm EDT
at the airport, >> heavy rains in texas with flood warnings issued across the state. çpolice say the weather a bus fell into a sinkhole. they expect the heavy rains to continue with an additional two or 3 inches expected. ççóone year after hurricane ik devastated the texas coast, they are paying tribute to those lost çthere are those who died and others still missing. çç>> much of east and central texas has been very, very dry this year, so the rate is very welcome,ç butç when they get delusionges, a lot and it drains off. this is kind of spinning around. lot of it drains off. we have high-pressure favoring us. eventually, the pressureç droxs here, and it allows this moisture to come our way about midweek, so we are going to see a change. let's see what happens during the day today. çças far as the weather is concerned. at bwi-marshall, morning lows were down in the low 60's,çç h no precipitation. typically this time of year, 79 was the high, so the normal high is no longer 80 degrees,ç çan indication that the days are getting shorter. 79 in middle river, 77 in ga
Sep 13, 2009 3:30pm EDT
in the thumping of texas college. byu ub defeated with a win over tulane and maryland defeats james madison in overtime. here is more from the college football crew on a thrilling saturday. >> the season is off to a roaring start. it will be difficult to top some of the drama we got. freshman quarterbacks making their mark early in their career, more none so than the two marquee games of of the day. matt barkley and the drive he led, mark, for the winning touchdown against ohio state is one that can help a quarterback grow up quickly. >> it can. it wasn't just that drive, it was his drive in the two-minute situation, he drove his team in, the key driver is in the 14th play. i thought that was huge and that is is gangbusters for his confidence down the road. >> i thought ohio state played with great emotion and did themselves proud, other than the fact for the sixth straight time they lost to a top five-ranked team. >> i thought you made an interesting point in the lead-up to the ohio state and u.s.c. game. you talked about the important of this game for ohio state. they played, but they did
Sep 6, 2009 12:00pm EDT
 more, welcome to an afternoon of orioles baseball. texas won friday night 5-1, the orioles won yesterday 5-4 to even the series at a win apiece. the rangers are two back of boston in the wildcard chase. o's xtra is brought to you by at&t, your world to delivered. guthrie will be pitching today for the orioles, and holland will go to the mound for the rangers. welcome to our coverage. tom davis here with dave johnson. the orioles coming back after trailing early in the first inning to beat texas. >> it was a good ball game. matusz struggled, but he has been showing a lot of poise, righted himself, and was able to give his team a chance to win the ball game. the last four innings were very good, and got the win. >> let's take a look at some of the heights from yesterday's game. he worked 7 innings. won his 4th. he struck out four in the game and walked just one. >> his curveball is a big pitch. he gets on top a little bit, and uses a little bit of sweeping slider. again, this is a guy who was pitching in college last year. >> orioles down 3-2. remold hits the home run to to left
FOX News
Sep 19, 2009 5:00pm EDT
so many running backs. >> they got ta stable. tied 10-10 at the half. texas, the grudge match in austin. a preview after the break. >>> welcome, everyone, alongside robert smith and todd mcshay. i'm wendi nix. penn state opened this season. what have we learned? now it's temple for joe pa's squad. the play action fake. >> that's not going to earn you a jell-o pudding pop. >> not by a longshot. in the end zone for the score. again for the third straight week. no real test for the nittany lions, number five, 31-6 final over temple. >> issues to work out. royster with the flu, still ruching for 134 in the score. >> it's a test. an easy take-home test. >> one you use cliff notes. >> and friends. i tell you who did get a test. surprisingly. best taking on minnesota. had a huge afternoon. 33 yards down the sideline. he'll make it to the end zone. >> such a great player. averaged more than eight yards a carry. i'm way up there, my friend. >> to eric decker, wow, on the receiving end, watch, again. this is a tough one to take. he would receive stitches but you know what, he returns to
Sep 9, 2009 10:00am EDT
texas, mr. johnson. mr. johnson: thank you, mr. speaker. will you join me? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from georgia, congressman westmoreland, is recognized for one minute. mr. westmoreland: mr. speaker, i rise today to pay tribute to our guest chaplain for the day here in the house, the reverend dr. benny tate. dr. tate has served the members of rocksprings congregational methodist church in milner, georgia, for over 20 years. dr. tate is a leader among god's followers. he's well-known in georgia for delivering powerful, informative and even life-changing messages from the pulpit of his church and from behind the microphone of his radio show which is broadcast statewide on 15 stations. rocksprings congregational methodist church has grown from 35 members when he took the helm 20 years ago to more than 4,600 worshipers today. the church has put those resources into the service
Sep 17, 2009 5:00pm EDT
this year. >>> a mammoth find in spring branch, texas. a man exploring a cave believes he found the remains of a prehistoric mammoth. b.t. price says they look like the leg bone and tooth of a large animal. he contacted scholars at the university of texas who now plan to travel to sprinkle branch to document the find. >>> we look for lead in the kids' toys, what about lead in the pets' toys? which are safe for animals? and which have high and dangerous levels of lead? abc2 news at 5:30 starts in two minutes. >>> a co-worker of a murdered yale student annie le is behind bars charged in her death. good evening, i'm terry owens. raymond clark iii had his first appearance before a judge today. police called the murder an act of workplace violence and they say their case against clark is just getting started. here's abc's aaron kutursky. >> all right, this is number 15, raymond clark. >> reporter: once a high school athlete raymond clark iii now an accused murderer being held on $3 million bond. >> it's obviously a very serious case. >> reporter: he appeared in court after police arrested him at
Sep 6, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. texas has two on with only one down. because of their home run potential, this team is never out of of a game regards of the score. 6-0 game, but here cops marlon byrd. >> rick: the next three guys you face in the order have almost 70 home runs between them, that's why you see chad moeller going to the mound right away, and this is beautiful, this is wattth you want to see from your catcher, communicating with jeremy guthrie telling him what we have to to do to get out of this inning. we need a ground ball. let's stay down here. let the defense do their job and get the double-play, so don't try to change anything at this point. >> jim: that one misses outside to marlon byrd who is one out of two. see the pitch count by inning for jeremy guthrie. the second inning was the tough inning, that's when texas got two base hits and ended up stranding two. just missed outside. >> rick: okay, now he's starting to try to guide the ball a little bit. this is the kind of delivery that got him in trouble for most of the first half rushing through, just trying to pick that outside corner. ju
Aug 31, 2009 8:00pm EDT
extremist and it is his fault and not that congressman's. also in our third story, recessionists in texas holding a rally with a candidate saying they know that it might mean a bloody war. congresswoman lynn jenkins, kansas lawmaker, you will recall let this one fly at a recent town hall meeting. >> republicans are struggling to find the great white hope. i suggest to any of thaw are concerned about that that are republicans that there are republicans -- there are some great young republican minds in washington. >> she said she did not know what great white hope meant or it held negative connotations. turns out that less than a month earlier supported a house resolution, calling on president obama to pardon the first african-american heavyweight boxing champ jack johnson. jenkins' excuse, no, she did not read the specific resolution. you may also recall congressman wally herger of california's second district can and his response to this man. >> i want to say that i'm a proud right-wing terrorist. >> amen, god bless you. there is a great american. >> the so-called great american says -- m
Sep 4, 2009 6:00pm EDT
guys, he's trying to take over texas as a democrat. oh. >>> plus, tuesday's back to school talk concerning some parents. in fact, they are going to keep their kids at home and play hookey. they are afraid of the dangerous things that the president might be saying to them on welcome back message. turn right. what is goin' on ? i got my subaru for the confidence of all-wheel drive. my friends thought that was smart... ( hip music pumping ) my new friends think there's something more. feel the love. introducing anytime gourmet culinary kits for two. it has everything you need. just prep, cook and share your way into a gourmet meal. wild salmon dijon in puff pastry with whole-wheat orzo and vegetables. new stouffer's anytime gourmet. make it amazing. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." folks, this is out of control. school districts in six states, texas, illinois, virginia, wisconsin, missouri, and my home state of minnesota. they are refusing to air the president's address and in some cases they are with conditions. and today republican state senator steve russell of oklahoma made s
Sep 12, 2009 8:00am EDT
hurricane ike struck the texas coast causing so much devastation. have things improved? will galveston rebuild? right back to find out. >> please send us your feedbook on facebook, twitter. you know how to get ahold of us on the banning divorce story or anything else you want to chime in on. shipping. shipping's complicated. not really. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service shipping is easy. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that's not complicated. come on. how about...a handshake. alright. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. it's quiet on the home front-- not a lot of activity. you read the news. and yet, some people need to sell and other people want to buy. this is a moment of challenge and opportunity. fortunately, re/max agents have the experience to help you meet the one and recognize the other. thanks. because the future's counting on us. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. ♪ wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a f
Sep 13, 2009 6:00am EDT
anniversary. one year since hurricane ike roared into southern texas a prayer service taking place this morning. galveston, under seven feet of water when it happened. third worst hurricane in u.s. history. i went back to the city and talk to the mayor and i'll show kwhau they are doing to rebuild. >> first, some of the top stories from overnight. >>> five american service members killed in two separate roadside bombs in afghanistan. one in eastern afghanistan, the other in western afghanistan. yesterday's attacks came a day after defense secretary robert gates called for 3,000 more u.s. service members to go to afghanistan. to deal with the ieds, improv e improvised explosive devices. >>> investigators are poring over evidence where annie le was last seen. there is no indication that she ran away. she was supposed to get married today. >>> israel's president, shimon peres has checked out of the hospital. he was taken there after he collapsed during a speech yesterday. he is blaming the collapse on fatigue. >>> and christopher kelly is a police investigation. he had been battling
FOX News
Sep 25, 2009 1:00am EDT
next, it is getting bloody in texas. the governor's race has just started, and is already really ugly. we have a video to show you. yes, there wille ahhh. time to get the latte budget under control. mm-hmm. [ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? here goes the good old steam. [ pfffft! ] whooa!!!! [ female announcer ] let bounty help... because it cleans the mess with less than the bargain brands. it's thick and absorbent. and really durable. in lab tests bounty absorbs twice as much as the bargain brand. [ steam hisses ] why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. now with new prints. i know landscaping, but i didn't know how wireless could help my business. i just don't know how wireless can help my business. tara showed me how i could keep track of my employees in the field and get more jobs done faster. i was blown away. i'm blown away. only verizon wireless has small-business specialists in every store to help you do business better. we should get you a hat. now buy any blackberry, like
Sep 17, 2009 11:35pm EDT
thanks to david muir for that. >>> we're going to take a break. when we come back, did texas execute an inknow isn't man? that is the question in the case of a father put to death for killing his three daughters in an arson fire. tonight, the compelling new evidence. welcome to progressive. how may i help you? i'm looking for a deal on car insurance. i think i might have a coupon in here. there's an easier way. we've got the "name your price" option. you do? follow me. you tell us how much you want to pay, and we'll build you a policy that fits your budget. and i still get great coverage? uh-huh. go ahead. you're the boss. i'm the boss of savings. more like the e.o. oh, oh. no glass ceiling. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today. get wrapped up in the luscious taste of butternut squash, blended with delicate herbs. v8 gfrom campbell's.squash./ a soup so velvety and deliious you won't be able o contain yourself. campbell's v8 sous. what is cloud computing? a cloud is a workload optimized, service management platform enabling... consumption
FOX News
Sep 13, 2009 7:00pm EDT
helicopter on routine flight in texas at the right place at the right time. take a look at the video. the choppers crew spotting smoke billowing over a boat, a missing boat on fire. they see two men in a life boat next to the burning vessel. a rescue swimmer drops into the water and after assessing the situation, one of the men was immediately airlift today a hospital as you see there. we understand he suffered burns to 20% of his body and his condition not immediately known, we're told the second crew member is in stable condition. and an unusual bank robber, now he should be ease toy spot because, well, he's carrying an oxygen tank. we're going to explain what that's all about coming up. plus, why the h1n1 vaccinations could begin earlier than we thought and what you and your family need to know still ahead on the fox report. talk about a wake up call. i had a heart attack at 57. my doctor told me i should've been... doing more for my high cholesterol. what was i thinking? but now i trust my heart to lipitor. when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. unlike so
Sep 2, 2009 12:00am EDT
helping or hurting the texas governor's chance of re-election? that's in "the politics fix." >>> and check out the front page headline from this morning's new york post suggesting that eliot spitzer really, the man who was brought down by a prostitute scandal, may be actually thinking of running for office again. that's the latest from the "new york times." we're going to have it with you and for you in the "hardball" sideshow. >>> we begin with the waning political support for the war in afghanistan. tony blankly, our friend here always is the former press secretary for newt gingrich and syndicated columnist. ron reagan, a friend also is with air america radio. he's looking rather sad right now. well, according to the latest "washington post" poll, we've got the numbers here. 51%, a majority now think a war in afghanistan is not worth fighting. and 47%, well, actually 45% want the troop level in afghanistan to decrease. only 24% want a troop build up. tony blankly, this is not going to go the other way. you can see a poll like this and know which direction it's heading in. the number of p
Sep 13, 2009 4:30pm EDT
las imÁgenes captadas en video de un rescate ante la costa de texas de dos peasonrsh que pueden sentirse afortunadas de haber vivido para contarlo, regresamos not unn de sh@tzyrgkk h@not uni-fin de semtz@zínybrÓ opuraciÓn del trÁfico en la ciudad por Éstos dÍ nada menos que una legisladora esta en medio de un escÁndalo por sospecha de una posible relaciÓn con el narcotrÁfico >> yo he dicho que dios tarda pero no olvida >> una congresista peruana ex dirigente de los campesinos cocaleros ha sido acusada de narcotrÁfico >> la muestra oponiÉndose a un operativo antidrogas en la selva (gritos9 em >> la congresista ha dicho que ella estaba tratando de evitar que hubiera violencia en un operativo antidroga moviliel problema es que un ex asesor suyo acaba de ser detenido con varios kilos de droga y por eso ella serÁ investigada >> ya deberÍa haberse logrado una acusaciÓn institucional >> la corrupciÓn del narcotrÁfico avanza preocupantemente segÚn los legisladores las cÁrceles estan llenas de peruanas y extranjeras, y el gobierno se ha visto a facilitar la salida de e
Sep 16, 2009 1:00pm EDT
friend the ranking minority member of the committee, the gentleman from texas, mr. hall. the bill we consider today is going to help america to grasp the new technology in automobile manufacturing and save jobs and opportunities for our people in the future. it will augment the department of energy's ability to research and to develop advanced technologies which are necessary for the fuel efficient vehicles of tomorrow. i take no small degree of personal interest in this subject as several of the companies such as a-123 systems are located in my district. and they will produce new types of technologies under h.r. 3246 which will help them to foster these efforts which are so much in our national interest. not only do these technologies have the potential to reduce vehicle fleet emissions and national fuel consumption, freeing from us dependence on foreign oil, but also their production represents a growth industry, something of which my home state, michigan, and which the entire country is in great need. h.r. 3246 is thereof both an environmental and an economic blessing. i urge my c
Sep 12, 2009 6:00am EDT
, no exception. your home state of texas, arkansas too, your home state getting plenty of rainfall. texas they've been dealing with flooding. they've gone from a drought to flooding and take a look at the shot we have from ought austin. you might see a few tell-tale drops on the lens cap. they can see 2 to 4 inches of rainfall. sounds like nothing but out in parts of texas where you have the dry soil, what happens when you have 2 to 4 inches of rain, that can run off quickly. when it does, you get the flash flooding. because of that very reason we have flash flood watches and warnings across the whole state of texas and also back into parts of oklahoma and possibly could see some in arkansas today as well. in the northeast with this video, we have video for you from up in new jersey where they've had heavy rainfall also. straight line winds causing damage there too. it has certainly been a rough time for the garden state. could see scattered showers today but looks like the rain will be moving out of the by the afternoon better conditions but it will be perfect conditions to go and do some cle
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Sep 19, 2009 12:00pm EDT
into the health care business. republican congressman john carter in texas is a member of the house proegss committee and joins us live from austin. congressman is there any chaps at all the way you see it that there will be a bipartisan bill or what is the state of a play, as you see it? >> there hasn't been any bipartisan play at all to be honest with you, whether it be the new senate bill or of course, 3200, the republicans basically have been out of the-- out of the loop. that's one of the sad things about this, there's no bipartisanship. >> are there parts of health care reform that the republicans could sign on to? >> yeah, if we started talking about things that would really reduce costs, you'll start off with, we've got to start to talk about tort reform, some major factors and the other issues that we've been talking about now for a couple of years, portability, being able to buy across state lines, so that you can shop your own health care, and you can find the policies that fits you, rather than what fits the politicians think you ought to have, so, that's-- all of that needs to
Sep 18, 2009 7:00am EDT
, texas, and meredith vieira live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning and welcome to a special split edition of "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer from the new home of the dallas cowboys. meredith vieira is holding down the fort in new york. and trust me, meredith, this place puts the big in the big "d." this stadium is an engineering marvel, and it boasts some mind-boggling numbers, meredith. how do these sound? 20,000 tons of steel. 3 million square feet of space. it can hold more than 100,000 fans. and, of course, a price tag of $1.12 billion. that's a lot of jack, meredith. >> that sure is. and what a big tv set you've got there. talk about a big head, lauer. >> yeah. it's a little scary, isn't it? it is the centerpiece of cowboys stadium. it's the largest high-definition video wall in the entire world. to give you a sense of just how big it is, you probably have one of those 52-inch television sets at home, a flat-screen tv. you could take 2,000 of those to fill one side of this hd monitor. 2,000 on each side. and the screen weighs as much as a 747 je
Aug 31, 2009 10:00pm EDT
lamar, texas. pete olson held a health care town hall in which he told the story of britney a pregnant woman who couldn't find a doctor to treat her unborn child's heart defect and claimed she is convinced her child would not have been born if there was a public option. that's when congressman olson found protests and shouting cut two ways. somebody at the town hall yelled that's not true and then -- >> talk to britney. >> wow. >> that's not true. >> the insurance company turned her down. not the government. the private insurance turned her down. not the government. my god. exactly. that's not the government. that's not the government. that wasn't the government. >> quiet. >> the government set it up and turned it down. >> there you go. >> death panel. death panel. >> sit down. i want to thank you all for coming. >> challenged by reality, britney was not denied doctors. she was denied insurance. congressman pete olson lasted 47 seconds until he shut the meeting down. 47 seconds. congressman, congratulations. also, there is a doe in your back yard who wants the deer in the headlights lo
Sep 1, 2009 5:00pm EDT
us. texas governor rick perry on texas and washington. let's watch him talk secession. >> texas is a unique place. when we came in the union in 1845, one of the issues was we would be able to leave if we decided to do that. >> my hope is that america and washington, in particular, pays attention. we got a great union. there's absolutely no reason to dissolve it, but if washington continues to thumb their nose at the american people, you know, who knows what might come out of that. >> let's take a look at the man the other day. what we saw at a rally in texas that showed this has fire power, what the governor of texas is talking about. people are out there at the capitol steps pushing for secession. let's watch. >> this is not comprised of people willing to allow barack obama and his to tax us into perhaps while michelle obama and her -- >> wow. let's go to wayne slater right now, joining us. also jonathan martin of politico. wayne, you're doing there. is this secessionist movement nonsense or what? >> they certainly don't think it's nonsense. the people who are involved are dead
FOX News
Sep 12, 2009 3:00pm EDT
that was speaking at the rally. >> gregg: more texas rangers sent to the border. the governor says the feds are not doing enough about the violence. is the move all show or is there a really a urt security gap there? >> gregg: tens of thousands of tea party protestors and whole lot of others. there you see it on the right-hand side of your screen. that is the national mall in washington. it is packed. set up with what they say is a government that has grown too fat and out of touch, but what exactly do they hope to get accomplished today? joining us today, congresswoman martha blackburn the speaker at today's rally. representative blackburn, thanks for being with us, what do you hope to accomplish? >> they are doing this to send a message to all americans from the pea party. that people really want a change. they want to take back their country. >> gregg: your colleagues, i hope you can hear me, i'll try to shout. your colleagues are not listening to these folks, they say they are listening to other folks who want them to spend this money on all kinds of programs including trillion dollar h
FOX News
Sep 14, 2009 6:00pm EDT
works. >> because texas and california have already taken action at the state level and it worked. texas passed tort reform in 2003, and people yums went down 30%. california passed tortd reform and premiums went down 40%. >> until those reforms, texas was losing doctors in droves. >> either obstetrician gine collists, orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons nmplets the south part of tex texas you didn't even have a doctor who could deliver babies because of the risk. >> tort reform often puts a cap of $250,000 on what are called non-economic damages, punitive damages lawyers seek for pain and suffering amplet walk-in clinic in virginia near washington asks patients to sign a form that begins by saying all the doctors working at this clinic feel there is a malpractice crisis that threatens medical care. then they ask patients to agree to a binding arbitration and the $250,000 limit for non-economic damages. since that took effect in texas, doctors have been rushing back in. >> and as a result of that, last year, the texas board of medical examiners licensed the highest number of physicians
Sep 27, 2009 4:00am EDT
and an area of severe drought near in south carolina. it has improved at least in much of south texas. but nonetheless under a severe to exceptional drought in at least some areas from san antonia southward and eastward. you can see out west, arizona, california and nevada a lot of areas showing up extremely dry. let's head into this week. a pretty good trough to start the week. so a two or three shot of chilly air into the great lakes and the planes and eventually the east. see another trough kind of comes in. but nothing really goes really far south. so we are not talking about any of the central planes or southern planes or the southeast getting too cold out of this situation. let's take a look at monday then as we head into this week. the state fair of virginia and texas continue through this week. it will be wet through the eastern seaboard. thunderstorms and rains into southeast texas. scattered showers apart the parts of the great lakes. and some flakes of snow there in the west fringe. stationery storms causing some storms as well. >> high pressure under this high where you co
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Sep 20, 2009 4:00am EDT
.com/officer. >>> it is without question a grudge match in austin for the number two texas longhorns. first quarter, jordan shipley, how about a 46-yard punt return to get things going. texas, when he's done, will have a 7-3 advantage. >> able to do it in the game against oklahoma. unbelievable player, got a spark going. going. >> longhornsgreat. but put a ring of cheese in the crust and...jackpot! (anouncer) introducing pizza hut's new stuff crust pan pizza. your favorite pan piz with a jackpot of melted cheese in the crut. a large one toppinis just $10.99. i liked that idea he had about running a marathon. i'm saving for retirement. i got plans. i'm thinking of biking to work. the amount of money i save on gas, i've been able to take hotel shampoo bottles when i travel. haven't paid for that stuff in years... (announcer) at citi, we know everyone's talking about saving. we've got lots of ways to help, with smart ideas like auto save. because when you save a little today, it makes you feel good about tomorrow. that's why citi never sleeps. i'll start with the steak tar-tar. and you, sir? i'll have the sam
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Sep 30, 2009 5:00pm EDT
: craziest crimes caught on tape." in houston, texas, cops corner a small-time robber who's about to make the biggest mistake of his life. but how did it get to this point? moments ago, police pulled in behind the suspected thief, and he took off. officers keep their distance... and wait for the road warrior to give up... or slip up. [ horn blares ] unbelievably, the bandit u-turns from one side of the freeway into oncoming lanes. [ horn blares ] and another motorist can't stop in time. [ horn blares ] no one is hurt... and off the highway, lawmen try a different approach... from the side. it doesn't put a dent in his will to get away. nothing deters the hell-bent desperado -- not a strip of spikes... >> i said, "stop!" >> narrator: ...or even the barrel of a gun. but if his actions so far have seemed desperate... authorities are about to find out just how far he's prepared to go. the fugitive suddenly turns into a parking structure... and races to the rooftop. now out of the car, he scrambles for an escape route. with cops all around him, he's trapped. he walks to the edge and realizes t
Sep 13, 2009 6:30pm EDT
, there's also been plenty of rain this weekend in texas. but in this case, it's more than welcome coming in the midst of one of the worst droughts that region has ever seen. nbc's ron mott reports from lake travis, texas. >> reporter: the drought gripping parts of texas is finally losing a bit of its hold after several days of rain across the region. this weekend, flood warnings and watches were in effect as communities throughout the dry zone suddenly find themselves waterlogged. yet, cotton farmer alan stasney who blames the drought for drying up 35% of its earnings from a year ago, has mixed feelings. this rain, while needed, he says, could cost him. it's harvest time. >> as a cotton grower with cotton in the field it hurts me. livestock producers are loving it. homeowners are loving it. >> reporter: many folks are tloefg break from hot and sunny with some areas soak up more than 14 inches since wednesday. the relief is far from evident on parched lake travis outside austin. despite all the rain that's fallen, it's tough for people who work and live in this cove to get excited conside
Sep 6, 2009 4:00am EDT
a moment. [applause] >> the drought monitor is dry in texas. from san antonio to south texas, it's an extreme to exceptional drought there. wisconsin and michigan have improved over the past couple of weeks. there's a moderate to severe drought across wisconsin and michigan and a few pockets across minnesota and into northern or parts of eastern north dakota. but a lot of this area has had rain. that has improved things. a few pokes showing up in the carolinas as well. it continues to be dry. that was part of the problems with the fires in california. it's still dry out there. we see a trough digging into the northwest. a weakness in the middle of the atmosphere. that will be an area of thunderstorms and shower that's will move eastward and weaken with time. this trough is going to get absorbed into the main one that is digging into the great lakes as we head to the end of the week. this isn't necessarily good news at all. if this ends up right and it digs right into the iowa valley and the great lakes, we have to be concerned about a frost. i know a lot of you have late crops th
Sep 19, 2009 11:00pm EDT
a toechdown from devine with one of its, waiting to tie the game at 27. alabama over north texas, 53-7. alabama against arkansas next week. brl have their hands full with the passing game of arkansas, probably tell you that much. here's ryan mallett loading and firing far side. strike to adams and again that long throw all of the way to the other side of the field >> todd: did you see how shet his feet that time? he sidestepped some rush in the pocket. vet his feet and then was able to step into this throw and deliver a strike. watch. little sidestep and all kind of arm to make that throw. but when you're backing up or throwing off the back foot, hard to be consistent. >> brad: five touchdowns for ryan mallett. real go over 400 yards passing by himself at this point. not here. to smith, almost snapped it out of there, nine yards, brandon boykin holding on for dear life with marcus dowtin. >> todd: of mix of how ryan mallett ended up here, perfect fit for bobby petrino and his offense. bobby petrino is a guy who likes his quarterback in the shotgun but also like him to be under center
Sep 13, 2009 7:00am EDT
ago this weekend, thousands of people along the texas gulf coast were bracing for hurricane ike. ike slammed ashore at galveston bay early hours of september 13th. the hurricane claimed more than 100 lives in the u.s. and caribbean, destroyed entire communities and caused billions of dollars in damage. you may remember that the thousands who fled ahead of the storm were not allowed to return to their homes for nearly a week. and while the recovery is well under way now, it is being hurt by the state's worst drought in 50 years. >>> people in southern brazil have seen their share of rough weather the past couple of days. first, a tornado with 125-mile-an-hour winds hit monday, then heavy rains came, touching off floods and landslides. one official says things are really tough. >> we have 67 cities in the state of emergency here because of tornadoes that happened in the west region of our state last monday night, and now we're having problems with heavy rain in the south region of the state that has been happening since wednesday. we've counted five deaths, four because of the tornado
Sep 9, 2009 5:00pm EDT
's talk about the action that is happening right now as we speak. texas instruments out with its mid-quarter update, raising third quarter guidance. we are seeing after hours a rise higher in texas instruments. we will also check to see if this is having an impact on the cubes in the trading after hours. we have been on this story for a long time. it's had a monster run, guy, you noted. >> the guidance was pretty good. they actually narrowed and raised, raised 37 cents to 41 cents. it was originally 29 to 39. you look at texas instruments, they make 1.05 this year. they're going to make 1.45 next year. so you say to yourself at 18 times forward earnings with that kind of earnings growth is tech a buy? the stock has had a huge run. you just pointed out. the double since march. things are going well at texas instruments. everybody wants to badmouth it over the last couple years but frankly that's a nice turnaround story, i can't say i would race to buy it here but texas is doing some good things. >> it's really about the book to bill ratio which rates new orders versus existing invento
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